Body Type Shape Quiz Calculator (Free)

Take the Fellow One Research Free Body Type Shape Quiz to learn which of The Four Body Types you are. Research Participants identify if their body type shape is a Body Type One (BT1), Body Type Two (BT2), Body Type Three (BT3), or Body Type Four (BT4). Multiple scientifically weighted and calculated variables including vertebrae, spine/spinal extension, muscle mass, diet, exercise, lifestyle, genetics, and the like formulate the Basic Fellow One Research Health Score. That Basic Fellow One Research Participant Health Score is then compared to the Basic Self-Determined Health Score.

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Fellow One Research, The Four Body Types’ Research Participants Body Type Shape Quiz Calculator can be taken on Mac (OS, iOS) and PC (Windows, Android) desktop and mobile. Functional in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Edge, Internet Explorer, Silk, Opera, and other browsers may work as well.

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