Over Privileged White Guy Audiobook Free (Basic)

Over Privileged White Guy Audiobook Free Basic (Audio Book)

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and science has struggled to date to realize a solution. What has not been given enough credit in the research to find a solution is Muscle Mass. Every human body is born with 650 muscles and 33 vertebrae, but not all those vertebrae and muscles/muscle mass are fully developed. The more lacking in development the muscle/muscle mass and posture/vertebrae extension, the weaker the body type — one of The Four Body Types. Body type goes hand-in-hand with variables like soul, soul energy, star power, IT factor and the like. Our world is drowning in problems from obesity to climate change to white privilege, racism, genderism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination to healthcare and economic woes, etc. The Over Privileged White Guy book addresses these problems with clear ideas and solutions for moving humanity forward into a truly sustainable future.

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