Insights from Gnosis: How to Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Insights from Gnosis: Living a Health Lifestyle Starts w/ Understanding Which of The Four Body Types You Are Relative to Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Balance.

Research Participant Question #4 – How Can You Alter & Change Your Body Type Shape?

Research Participant Question #4: J. H. from NJ, an Early 30-Something Millennial, Gets Candid About His Body Type Two & How Can You Alter Your Body Type.

Research Participant Question #3 – What Diet Can I Eat to Decrease My Body Fat?

Research Participant Question #3: Chris Ribeiro of New Jersey Asks What Diet & Foods Can I Eat to Help Decrease My BT2/BT3 Body Fat in the Long Run?

Insights From Gnosis: Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet

Insights from Gnosis: Best Daily Life Advice - The Blue Zone Mediterranean Diet is Omnivore-Based Focused On a Diversity of Up to 95% High-Fiber, Plant-Based, Organic Foods.

Research Participant Question #2 – Body Type & Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Research Participant Question #2: Alicia Leonard from North Carolina Discusses Her Body Type Three and Asks, "Why Can't I Lose Weight?"

Over-Privileged White Guy (OPWG) Book by Walter Hego

Ever wondered where A-list stars get their star power? What is the honest truth about white privilege & Black Lives Matter? How can we humans achieve to a truly sustainable future?

Research Participant Question #1 – Body Type and Skinny Fat – How to Lose Fat Weight in My Hips & Thighs

Research Participant Question #1: Lauren Cyr from Hawaii discusses her Body Type Two, Skinny Fat, and How to Lose Fat Weight in Her Hips and Thighs.

OPWG Book Reader Question #2 – Muscle Mass, Posture, Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle

OPWG Book Reader Question #2 - Muscle Mass, Posture, Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle. Evette Weiss from NY asks about her Body Type Two, Posture, & Muscle Mass.